Ms. Elizabeth Caron - Spanish

I grew up in Vermont and attended public school all my life. After graduating from Essex High School, I enrolled in UVM where I was an active member of the University’s Catholic Center community. I graduated in 2012 with a major in Biology and minor in English. Following graduation I worked at the DNA Analysis Facility at the Vermont Cancer Center at UVM for a short time and then came to work at St. Francis as a Teacher's Aide. In 2014, I drew upon my five years of Spanish in high school and college and began teaching Spanish to all the students - from Pre-K to 8th grade - here at St. Francis.  

Like most Vermont students, I started to learn a language in 6th grade. I chose Spanish because its vibrancy appealed to me. It became one of my favorite subjects, and I took the highest level classes I could take in high school. I continued taking Spanish during my first year in college, but then it became eclipsed for a short time by Biology. Although I am a new teacher, I love teaching and am happy to once again be immersed in Spanish!