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"Teaching children to write their name, say the Pledge of Allegiance and learn their prayers are just a few of the amazing things we get to introduce students to in Pre-K."

~ Ms. Micky

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts and Writing

Students in Pre-Kindergarten develop a large number of language based skills and begin to have increased success with:

  • Letter recognition and sound identification

  • Writing skills


Social Studies

Pre-Kindergarten begins to prepare for the school’s beloved International Night soon after the school year begins. Patriotic learning about the United States of America develops into additional themes of:

  • All About Me

  • Me on the map

  • Manners

  • Holidays

  • Community workers

  • Money

  • Environment and recycling



Science lessons are interactive and hands on. Students in PreKindergarten do many STEM explorations as well as learning about:

  • Life cycles (seeds to plants, insects)

  • Five senses

  • Seasons

  • Ocean life

  • Hibernating animals

  • Food groups and nutrition

  • Simple experiments



In addition to continued learning about God, Jesus, and the Christian faith, Pre-Kindergarten students attend weekly Mass with the assistance of their 8th grade Church Buddies.



Students continue to develop mathematical awareness and number sense as they strengthen and learn the skills of:

  • Recognizing numbers

  • Counting (in sequence, rote, object counting, 1:1 correspondence, ordinal numbers)

  • Connecting numerals with quantities

  • Comparing quantities

  • Recognizing and completing patterns (AB, ABA)

  • Recognize 2D and 3D objects and using spatial reasoning

  • Developing awareness of the differences of objects and learning to sort, compare and classify objects by their attributes and properties

  • Developing a rudimentary sense of time based on common routines

  • Recognizing and counting coins

  • Graphing

  • Measuring

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