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The Halls are Alive with the Sound of Music!

Students are encouraged to be:


“I can think tunes and sing with expression.”



“I can respond expressively, reflecting the artful
elements in music and enjoy being moved by it.”


“I can feel a steady beat with a rhyme,
song or recorded music.”

  • ​Students learn about the “Composer of the Month”. They listen to music created by the composer and do activities based on them.

  • As students get older, they learn to read rhythms and notes on the staff.

  • By fourth grade, students can join church choir and start playing the recorder.  The church choir sings at Mass every Tuesday.  We have so many students that want to participate that we have a rotating choir!

  • In fifth grade, students play different instruments and learn about different classical music.

  • In sixth grade, students learn bucket drumming.

  • Our seventh graders, learn the history of Rock and Roll!

  • In eighth grade, students make their very own music video!

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