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Paving the Way to Success!

St. Francis Xavier School has created a Cross Walkway in front of the school. This special paved area honors individuals and organizations while also raising funds for our Tuition Assistance Program. This is a perfect way to commemorate a special event such as a graduation, First Communion or wedding, or to acknowledge a beloved family member or a dedicated teacher, coach, pastor or friend.

There are still red blank bricks available to be engraved in the 8" by 8" size and you may continue to order engraved bricks for future installation in the Cross Walkway.  Note: the light bricks will not be engraved.


A gift that will last a lifetime!

Order forms remain available at the rear of the church or you may order online at:  The online order process will allow you to see what your text will look like on the bricks.


If you have any questions about the engraved bricks, you can call
Jane or Robin at 655-2600, ext. 2, or e-mail them at

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