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Is St. Francis Xavier School the right
choice for my non-Catholic student?

The classroom experience for our non-Catholic students . . .

"Our Catholic faith teaches us to love all people as God's children, and I think that this is on full display here at SFX. All students, Catholic and non-Catholic, are deserving of the same care and attention, and that's something that our faculty practice each and every day. We strive to shape all students into good people, regardless of their faith. " - Mr. Branon, Middle School Teacher


What we offer . . .

We offer a community built on love.  A love that stems from the axiom which is, "We are ALL God's children and deserving of love." Craig Hill, Principal

How has our community shaped our students...

“Attending SFX school enriched my life in many ways. Although I'm not a Catholic, the community of teachers, staff and students helped shape who I am today. Everyone always wants the best for their students and wants them to succeed. I see the difference between kids who have attended Catholic school and those who have not - the way they carry themselves, talk and act towards others.” ~ Stephanie Langlais, ‘13

What our community does for you . . .

“The St. Francis community builds you up. They make you feel good about life. It has something to do with the students, of course; they’re just beautiful. They make you feel good. They’re trying to be good human beings. It has a lot to do with our teachers. They get it. They are fully committed to their students and they love what they do." ~ Fr. Scott Gratton

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