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Early Education Center

Who's Excited about PreSchool?

We are excited to offer the opportunity for students to become part of our school community even earlier than before.


The focus of the 3 year old PreSchool program lies in providing children a warm, nurturing environment rooted in the knowledge of God's love for them. There are ample opportunities for structured and unstructured play, outside time, and creative projects. A rest time is offered daily after lunch. Students explore academic concepts in both literacy and math to prepare them for Pre-Kindergarten. 

Mrs. Michelle Guilmette2.jpg
Meet our PreSchool Teacher Ms. Michelle!

"To be a source of happiness and guidance to my students is an amazing thing as they grow into the best selves they can be. " ​

~ Ms. Michelle

Want to know more about Ms. Michelle? Check out her bio.

We're Making Waves in

Our day is influenced by the Responsive Classroom® approach to education outlined by the Center for Responsive Schools. Each morning starts with a morning meeting, where students greet each other, discuss the plan for the school day, and build a classroom community in a positive, safe environment. 

Throughout the rest of the day, teachers provide a variety of experiences to address the education of the whole child. Our themes and focus of learning change as the year progresses, with special attention paid to the excitement children feel during certain seasons, holidays, and topics of interest.

Meet our Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Micky

"I'm always excited to find new and different ways to keep my students engaged and learning."

~ Ms. Micky

Want to know more about Ms. Micky? Check out her bio.

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