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Mrs. JaneMcCormick - Development Coordinator


Jane’s “official” title at SFX School is Development Coordinator, but that barely scratches the surface of all that she does at St. Francis. 


Jane works closely with our Finance Office to ensure that every donation is properly accounted for and promptly acknowledged. She also works on publications for the school, special event planning, fundraising activities, and school facilities projects. As though those don’t keep her busy enough, she is always willing to step in as a substitute in the classroom or to help in the cafeteria, at the front desk, or in the health office. She volunteers for ANY project that helps the school in any way. She is known for her weekly “Coffee Cart” runs, during which she delivers coffee, tea, and snacks to all our faculty and staff. 


All five of Jane’s children are SFX graduates, as is her husband Pete. Jane is tireless in her efforts for the school she loves and the only thing she avoids at all costs is drawing any attention to all she does (which is why someone else had to write this).

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