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"Being a PreSchool teacher at St. Francis Xavier is a rewarding experience.  It is a humbling job to be in a position of welcoming the youngest children to join our school."

~ Ms. Michelle

PreSchool Curriculum

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Language Arts and Writing

PreSchool students are exposed to language and communication and are encouraged to explore:

  • Letter recognition

  • Name recognition and writing

  • Pre-writing skills

  • Scissor skills


Social Studies

Students learn about being community members and following rules. Special attention is also paid to holidays and seasonal events.



Science for PreSchoolers is a time to explore the world around them. Hands on tasks and demonstrations allow students to observe and experiment with elements of life and physical sciences. PreSchoolers use various manipulatives for STEM based inquiries and learning.



PreSchool students spend their day in an environment of love, compassion, sympathy, and care. Their exposure to the living examples of Christ help them learn about God and faith. Students begin to learn prayers and Bible stories, as well as how to make the Sign of the Cross.



Students begin to recognize that math concepts are all around them as they learn to:

  • Recognize numbers

  • Count in sequence

  • Complete dot-to-dots using number sequences

  • Recognize and make patterns

  • Sort, compare and classify objects

  • Develop a rudimentary sense of time based on common routines


Social Skills

We value the time and energy that is given to the development of social skills. Whether students have come from childcare or home settings prior to preschool, all students are encouraged to succeed when it comes to being members of the group. The development of a close-knit and successful class is a priority for the PreSchool teachers.

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