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Students in Preschool to First grade will explore materials and processes such as painting, printing, drawing, cutting, collage and more. While developing motor, social and literacy skills, our youngest students are gaining a solid knowledge of colors, lines and shapes. Art vocabulary and concepts are reinforced through books, songs and hands-on practice. The chance to explore and play with materials in a group setting is vital at this stage. Second, Third and Fourth graders will build on the Elements of Art and improve on their use of these basics over the years. They will explore many different materials and processes. Additionally, we will get to know famous artists and use their work as inspiration and to learn basic art genres.

Fifth through eighth graders are developing a richer verbal and written language for describing and assessing their own and other’s work. Principles of Design are introduced and, increasingly, assignments will require students to make more of their own choices. A strong artistic voice will emerge from students who plan, choose proper materials, are willing to experiment, use time wisely and strive for craftsmanship. Inspiration may come from contemporary artists and include current events/social issues that are important to our SFX Middle schoolers.

My goal is for each SFX student to become creatively and confidently flexible, learning that success includes taking chances and failing. Leaps of faith are what builds resilience and, over the years, students will develop the perseverance and courage to create what they imagine. Their own unique creativity, combined with a strong foundation of basic materials and design knowledge, can be applied to whatever they choose to do  -in the Art room and beyond!


Curriculum areas focus on:

  • Safe and meaningful use of tools and materials

  • Elements of Art

  • Principles of Design

  • Historic and cultural connections 

  • Visual literacy 

  • Play

Students learn how to use mediums such as:

  • Graphite and Colored Pencil

  • Markers

  • Oil and Chalk Pastels

  • Tempera, Watercolor and Acrylic Paints

  • Paper and Fiber 

  • Air-dry Clay

The SFX Visual Arts curriculum is guided by the National Core Arts Standards overarching themes of Create, Present, Respond and Connect.

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