“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ~ Maya Angelou

Your support makes the St. Francis Xavier School experience possible.


At Saint Francis Xavier School, we are indeed blessed by the generosity of our friends and benefactors and we take great joy in using the gifts we receive to support our students.

Since its founding in 1862, Saint Francis Xavier School has served generations of families. This has been possible because of the many contributions from parents, alumni and friends. It's not how much, but how many gifts we receive that will make the difference in providing quality Catholic education for our students. Any contribution, large or small, will be appreciated by our community and will help us support the success of all the children who attend Saint Francis Xavier School.

​What does your gift accomplish?

Your gift today may change lives for years to come.

A Story of Success...

You never know the impact your gift may have. A number of years ago, visitors to Vermont attended a daily Mass at  Saint Francis Xavier Church. While at Mass, their attention was drawn to a young woman who was in fervent prayer in the back of the church. They noted that she looked anxious and careworn.

Moved by concern, they asked another parishioner about the woman and learned she and her two young children were newly arrived from another country. She was hoping her husband and two other children would be able to join her soon, but they were held up by many issues in their home country. She spoke little English and had yet to find a job. Her two young children were enrolled at Saint Francis Xavier School, where they were thriving, but the mother had very few financial resources.

Upon hearing this, the visitors contacted the school and anonymously paid the year’s tuition for the two children. It was a remarkable gift to the young mother, to her children, and to the school. Those children have since graduated from Saint Francis and from high school and are currently successfully pursuing their college degrees. Their mother is gainfully employed and her husband and other children have been able to join her in this country. The long ago kindness of those visitors was life changing for that family.

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