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Developing the whole person...


With our mission of teaching to the whole person in mind, we create an environment that is academically, emotionally, and socially enriching.  We provide students with a variety of activities that help them fully engage in the material and work to their fullest potential.  We use a mixture of teaching techniques to reach all different kinds of learners and we work hard to push students to work at their maximum potential.  We also strive to help students develop independence so they can direct their own learning and understand how to manage their time well.  Along with core academics, we offer two foreign languages, art, music, physical education, and digital learning.  The combination of all of these things makes for a well-rounded student.

Saint Francis Xavier School Academics Middle School
Saint Francis Xavier School Academics Early Education Center

Early Education Center

Three, four, and five-year-old students not yet in Kindergarten are embraced by educators who are committed to the social and academic growth of young children. Each teacher at St. Francis Xavier School works diligently to establish a rich environment where students are safe to learn, explore, inquire, and play in a supportive community of teachers and peers.


In our Early Ed classrooms, teachers find the balance between combining academic concepts with play-based exploration to enrich each student's school experience. Students start each day with a morning meeting during which time they build community with their teacher and classmates. Throughout the day students are guided in their learning and playing as they put to use elements of Responsive Classroom, an educational approach that focuses on the development of the whole child.

Saint Francis Xavier School Academics Early Education Center
Saint Francis Xavier School Academics Elementary School

Elementary School

The elementary classrooms at St. Francis Xavier School are vibrant and dynamic. Each grade level is lead by a passionate teacher who strives to build the best curriculum and community for her students. The result is an engaging student experience that is centered in the quest for each child’s social and academic growth.


Our elementary curriculum encompasses the core subject areas (Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science and Religion) and 21st century skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity). Students engage in a variety of opportunities that meet their needs and propel them into the next level of learning.

Saint Francis Xavier School Academics Elementary School
Saint Francis Xavier School Academics Middle School

Middle School

In Middle School, an emphasis is placed on teaching the whole person. Students have a course load of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Religion along with specials in French, Spanish, Digital Learning, Music, PE and Enrichment. Teachers in all subject areas have clear and consistent expectations with regards to the quality and integrity of work completion. Daily study hall is held for students who require or request extra time to finish assignments. Teachers on the middle school team work closely and meet regularly to ensure the success of each student in the program.


Students in Middle School are expected to be positive digital citizens. The 1:1 chromebook program begins with clear expectations for student use. Student technology is closely monitored by the middle school team. Overall, the use of technology enhances the curriculum and provides students with realtime opportunities to learn in an ever  changing world.

Saint Francis Xavier School Academics Genius Hour

Genius Hour is a school-wide initiative that began in the Fall of 2017. The idea is modeled after Google and other large corporations’ “20 percent time”, which allows employees 20 percent of their time at work to pursue personal passions.

Each classroom at St. Francis Xavier has jumped on board and is implementing Genius Hour in developmentally appropriate ways. While it looks different at each grade level, the premise is the same: teachers have committed themselves to offering students time and encouragement as they explore their personal interests. Each Friday morning an hour is carved out of the schedule and students around the school work on projects that encourage critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Genius Hour

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