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7th Grade Curriculum

Language Arts and Writing

This course focuses on improving fundamental communication skills, including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our goal is to become active readers and creative, competent writers. Through literature we will explore themes and ideas that are part of the human experience.  


  • Study different forms of literature in terms of content, style and the personal connections we make.  

  • Learn about authors and what it takes to write well.

  • Response to literature will include writing, discussion and various types of projects.  

  • Explore and develop different writing styles.  

  • Attention will be given to grammar rules, sentence structure and paragraph organization.

  • Students will use their skills to write, edit and revise their writing across the curriculum.

  • Read and respond to short stories, myths, novels, and poetry, as well as more complex texts that provide facts and background knowledge in areas such as science and social studies.

  • Students will be challenged and asked questions that push them to refer back to what they’ve read. This stresses critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

  • Write and develop personal narratives, business letters, book reviews,  persuasive and other essays, creative stories, poetry, and research based papers.  

  • MLA citations


Social Studies

  • The Road to the Civil War

  • The Civil War

  • International Night research and project

  • Reconstruction

  • Westward Expansion

  • Urbanization

  • Age of Invention

  • American Industrial Society

  • Immigration

  • The Roaring 20s

  • The Great Depression

  • World War II

  • Cold War

  • Korean War

  • The Vietnam Era

  • Popular Culture and 1980s-present



  • Matter: elements, compounds, and mixtures

  • Acids and bases

  • Designing experiments

  • Elements of experimentation

  • Scientific method

  • Motion and Newton’s Laws

  • Work and simple machines

  • Forces in fluids

  • Ecology and natural communities

  • Biomes of the world

  • Human body systems



Grade 7 Religion focuses on Jesus Christ as the center of the Catholic faith.  

  • The Gospels

  • Jesus – as Prophet, Priest, and King – continues to guide, inspire, and redeem our lives.

  • We are images of God

  • Strive to develop and/or deepen our personal relationship with Jesus,

  • Beatitudes

  • Parables

  • Miracles

  • Seasons of the Church year

  • Living Stations of the Cross


  • All operations with negative and positive integers

  • GCF, LCM, prime factorization

  • Converting fractions and decimals

  • Solve equations with decimals

  • Solve equations with fractions

  • Sequencing, graphing points on a line; function tables, linear functions

  • Ratios, rates, proportions

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