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A key question most families ask when considering a private school is,

The St. Francis Xavier School Board works hard to keep the cost of tuition as reasonable as possible. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifice our families make to enable their children to attend our school. We also know that St. Francis Xavier School provides an excellent education to our students in a safe, caring, and faith-filled environment. This is an invaluable gift to these children and we appreciate the fact that families are willing to pay what they can to give their children this gift.

"Can we afford this?”

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Every child who attends St. Francis Xavier School receives a subsidy. The actual cost of educating one child each year at Saint Francis is approximately $7,700. This is much more than even our highest tuition tier.

  • St. Francis Xavier offers family discounts, making the per pupil tuition for families with more than one student even lower.

  • We offer tuition assistance to families who demonstrate financial need.

  • We believe strongly that a quality Catholic education should be available to all those who seek it whenever possible.

  • We  know families contribute to the strength and vibrancy of our community in many ways beyond their financial contributions.

  • St. Francis Xavier Parish, the Diocese of Burlington, our fellow Catholic parishes, and many generous Catholic organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Financial Life, offer ongoing support for our school.

  • The tuition rate is somewhat lower for families who are registered members of any Catholic parish to reflect the fact that so many Catholic individuals and organizations underwrite our expenses so families can choose a Catholic education for their children.

  • Our Development Office and our Home and School Association work tirelessly on fundraising efforts to help maintain a reasonable tuition and to provide extra assistance to those families who may need it.

  • Our faculty and staff value their role as educators in a Catholic school and sacrifice higher wages in return for working in this environment. This sacrifice on their part also helps to maintain reasonable tuition rates.

  • Saint Francis Xavier School requires 15 hours of volunteer time from each family. Tapping into the talents of our families is one more way to keep our tuition rates at a reasonable level. Whether it's working on fundraising activities such as our Craft Fair and Calcutta, or helping to serve lunch, or freshening up the plants around the school, all of this helps the school earn or save money. In addition,  having families involved in activities such as the Opening Day Barbecue, a School Breakfast, Fun Day, or a class field trip creates a vibrant, committed school community that is part of what makes Saint Francis Xavier so special. 

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