​What is Home & School?

The Home & School Association is an integral part of the success of St. Francis Xavier School. The Home & School Association provides assistance to the school in many areas and helps support it through fundraising efforts and volunteerism. The Home & School Association is a parent organization that takes pride in our school and in providing a helping hand to teachers, staff, and administration.

Johanna English & Rebecca Brynga

Home & School Co-Presidents


Megan Ohler

Home & School Vice President


Colleen Moore

Home & School Secretary


Nichol Astillero

Home & School Treasurer

Home & School
Association Officers

Join the Home & School Association Committee

Our parent organization that takes pride in our school and in providing a helping hand to teachers, staff, and administration. The Home and School Association provides assistance to the school in many areas, including but certainly not limited to: parent volunteers, fundraising, community outreach, student event days, and so much more! Join our amazing group of parents!

What is expected of a Home and School Committee Member:

  • We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to discuss upcoming Home and School events

  • New members are encouraged to help be the co-leaders of events or Committee Heads

  • Bring your ideas, support, questions, and energy to help make our school an even better place for our kids!

Community Support

Helping Hands: We all need a helping hand now and then.  This program is supported school wide with all family automatically included to help provide a home-cooked meal or a ride when someone in our school community experiences an illness, a loss in the family, or an exciting (but exhausting) birth. This is not mandatory but please consider lending a “helping hand” when you can. An email will go out to the SFX community when a need for help arises.


Dorothy Day Fund: As we know, things don’t always go as planned.  Sometimes, due to unforeseen events, there are competing demands on our limited resources and we need a little something to tide us over.  The Dorothy Day Fund is a small fund established a couple years ago by the Home and School Association to help families meet some financial obligations.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Scholarship: This scholarship is in honor of the many volunteers who help St. Francis Xavier School every day. It is our hope that their efforts are mirrored in our children. The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Scholarship will be awarded two students, one Pre-K through 2nd and one 3rd through 7th, who have demonstrated helpfulness throughout the school year. Each scholarship is $200 towards next year's tuition to SFX.​


As a small school community, St. Francis Xavier relies on parent volunteers in many ways.  Accompanied by the devotion of our wonderful teachers and staff, parents are a much-needed resource both in and out of the classroom. St. Francis strives to keep tuition affordable. To this end, each family is required to provide a minimum of 15 hours of service to the school per year.

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for parents to become involved and support their students and the school. From large community events such as the craft fair and Calcutta to more daily happenings like book fairs, field trips, and lunchroom help.  As parents ourselves, we understand the demands of daily life, and we welcome and appreciate any amount of time each family can give to the school, big or small. Every hour adds up, and the results can be amazing. Not only is volunteering a great way to help our students and the school, but it's also a great opportunity to meet new people.  Many lifelong friendships have developed at St. Francis and they all started from volunteering at school.