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Rev. Fr. Yvone Royer - Pastor, St. Francis Xavier Church


I grew up in Newport Center on our family farm and I was blessed to have attended Sacred Heart School in Newport beginning in the 8th grade. This was truly a life-changing experience for me as I had the opportunity to grow in awareness of our Church’s long history. I also came to better understand how the Sacraments are moments in which God puts His hand on our shoulders and let us know that He is with us.  This is something that I believe we all need to know.

I continued on to Sacred Heart High School.  After graduating from Sacred Heart,  I attended Saint Michael’s College, right up the hill from St. Francis.  I have also worked as a priest at St. Joseph’s Parish and School in Burlington and Sacred Heart Parish and School in my hometown.  It was really special to go back to the school where I had spent so many years as a student.  I remembered what excited me and what didn’t! Using those memories, I hope to spend lots of time helping our students experience the beauty of our faith.

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