Mrs. Nancy Ryan - Administrative Assistant

This is my 38th year as the administrative assistant at Saint Francis Xavier School, but my history with Saint Francis is even longer than that.  My parents attended Saint Francis Xavier School (when it was known as St. Louis Convent School), and I followed in their footsteps along with my 5 siblings. Following my graduation from SFX, I attended Rice Memorial High School.

I began working at Saint Francis Xavier School as the administrative assistant when Sister Imelda Caissie was the principal here and I have continued in that position under every principal since. All of my children attended Saint Francis and I have had the privilege of working alongside my late father and several of my siblings, who have served the school in many capacities. Currently my daughter, Miss Micky, is the pre-K teacher, so it is no wonder that I continue to think of the Saint Francis Xavier community as part of my family!