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St. Francis Xavier School...

St. Francis Xavier School believes students should have the opportunity to see their own goodness.  Every day, our teachers inspire young people to develop and recognize their talents and embrace the Catholic faith as a foundation. The result is that our well-rounded students flourish and share their gifts with others.

Choosing the right educational “home” for a child is one of the most important decisions a family can make. What should you look for in a school?

At Saint Francis Xavier, we believe...

  • a school must offer caring and nurturing teachers

  • it should promote strong character and values

  • it should offer children structure and guidance

  • it should instill a love of learning and encourage each child to reach his or her full potential 


If a family finds these qualities, then they have found their “home.”
We believe that place is Saint Francis Xavier School.

It Feels Like Home

"We came to St. Francis because of the community.  It is a community that knows each other, families who do things together, and the focus is on using that community to really support the formation of their students.  It's that community sense, a family of families, that we wanted to be a part of and we thought it would be a great place to nurture our daughters."

~ Patrick Walsh, parent

A Caring Teacher is a Quality Teacher

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How St. Francis Teachers Care...
  • The focus in our Early Education program is on providing children a warm, nurturing environment.  Students learn academic concepts through dynamic exploration.

  • Students in elementary grades are guided to develop necessary skills such as organization and time management while continuing to practice Christian values that result in being kind classmates and compassionate friends.

  • In middle school, students focus on learning how to connect independent thought with available factual knowledge. They learn the value of project completion and group work. They are also challenged to think creatively. 

Home Values are Practiced and Reinforced

St. Francis Xavier School community works on building and celebrating positive character traits. While most SFX students (and staff!) are already exemplary, we focus on attributes that, when demonstrated, enhance our school community and make this an even more special place to learn and grow. 



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A Structured Classroom Helps Students Learn

New students to the school, as well as those who have been here, feel more confident and secure if they know what is expected of them. Structure provides this in the classroom. Routine is the foundation of a positive classroom environment.  The first few weeks of school are spent practicing routines over and over again. These routines help students feel successful, involved, and safe. Structure provides avenues to allow academic guidance and individual choices throughout the day. Students feel secure and comfortable when they know what to expect.

St. Francis Xavier Inspires Learning

"When I am excited about what I teach, my students are excited about learning even when it is difficult. They rise to the expectations I have set for them and seeing their growth academically and socially throughout the year makes it so rewarding."
~ Mrs. Brandes, 5th Grade Teacher

Developing the Whole Person - Lobby TV.j

With our mission of teaching to the whole person in mind, we create an environment that is academically, emotionally, and socially enriching. We provide students with a variety of activities that help them fully engage in the material and work to their fullest potential.  We use a mixture of teaching techniques to reach all different kinds of learners and we work hard to push students to work at their potential.  We also strive to help students gain developmentally appropriate independence so they can direct their own learning and understand how to manage their time well.  Along with core academics, we offer two foreign languages, art, music, physical education, and digital learning.  The combination of all of these things makes for a well-rounded student.

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