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Our Mission...We are a Catholic school. Our mission is to educate the whole person in light of the Catholic Faith and lead students to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We provide a comprehensive Pre-School (3 yr. old) through eighth-grade educational program that promotes Christian values, academic excellence, and personal responsibility in a safe, structured, and Christ-centered environment.

Developing the whole person...


Our mission is to teach to the whole person. With this in mind, we create an environment that is academically, emotionally, and socially enriching.

St. Francis Xavier School Academics

St. Francis Xavier School believes students should have the opportunity to see their own goodness.  Every day, our teachers inspire young people to develop and recognize their talents and embrace the Catholic faith as a foundation. The result is that our well-rounded students flourish and share their gifts with others.

Early Education Center
Elementary School
Middle School
PreSchool through Pre-Kindergarten

Students in elementary grades are guided in developing necessary skills such as organization and time management while continuing to practice Christian values that result in being kind classmates and compassionate friends.

6th Grade through 8th Grade

Students focus on learning how to connect independent thought
with available factual knowledge. They learn the value of project completion and group work. They are also challenged to think creatively. 


The focus in our Early Education program is on providing children a warm, nurturing environment.  Students learn academic concepts through dynamic exploration to enrich
each student's school experience. 

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

"On any day, you can see Monsignor Lavalley sitting and chatting with students or reading them a story, you can see Mr. Hill and Mr. Melnyk playing football at recess, and the list goes on and on. This doesn't happen at other schools and it is why SFX is so special! The kids don't just see the adults as the people in charge - they see them as a part of their family and because of that, the students thrive."

- Chris Messineo, parent

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