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Ms. Nancy Trono - Library Volunteer

February 1, 2017, was officially proclaimed Nancy Trono Day at Saint Francis Xavier School. This marks the 20th year of Nancy’s volunteer work at our school and the entire community took time out to honor her dedication. In addition to the official proclamation of Nancy Trono Day by Mr. Becker, Nancy was presented with flowers and an engraved brick in her honor that will be installed in the school’s Cross Walkway. The entire school also serenaded Nancy with a special song as Nancy’s parents, Al and Evie Trono, proudly looked on. Librarian Kathleen Finn spearheaded this event and paid tribute to her longtime volunteer’s many contributions to the SFX library. Here’s an excerpt from Mrs. Finn’s salute:

“Nancy Trono has seen a lot of changes in our school and, especially, in our school library. When I came to SFX more than 9 years ago, Nancy had already been at the circulation desk for 11 about institutional memory! One big change is that we are circulating upwards of 500-600 books monthly these days, and Nancy shelves the majority of these books when they come back to the library. She knows where everything is.....often when I don’t! Nancy does many, many other things in the library, such as handling check-ins and check-outs at the circulation desk, getting magazines and books ready for the shelves, helping with overdue materials, setting up displays and just keeping our library looking clean, tidy and welcoming. In short, she really keeps the wheels on the machine. Additionally, Nancy helps in providing pre-K with books for their literacy curriculum. Nancy, we are all so grateful to you for your faithful, cheerful, and consistent help every single morning, week in, week out, year in, year out. Thank you so much from all of us at St. Francis Xavier.”

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