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St. Francis Xavier School Adopt-a-Bench

Founders Wing

Providence Wing

St. Francis Xavier School will continue our school improvement efforts this summer by installing new windows in Providence Wing (the newer section of the school), repaving and reconfiguring the school parking lot, and adding sidewalks, green space, and user friendly areas immediately adjacent to the school building.


As part of these improvements, two benches will be placed at the entrance of Founders Wing (the original section of the school) and six benches will be placed along the side of Providence Wing facing the church.


We invite you to support the project by adopting one of these benches. The cost of sponsoring a bench is $1,500. A dedication plaque -- honoring the individual, family or organization of your choice -- will be placed on each bench. Families are welcome to combine efforts to sponsor a bench in honor of loved ones.


Please call 655-2600, ext 2, for details or email Thank you.

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