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St. Francis Xavier 2017 Annual Appeal 

Some of our many “Legacy Students” - whose family members from previous generations attended St. Francis Xavier School. 

Dear Friends, 

We, the Co-chairs of the Annual Appeal, share a great love for St. Francis Xavier School, though we arrived here by very different paths. SFX parent Megan, a lifelong Catholic, always envisioned her child at a vibrant school like St. Francis Xavier. Mike, on the other hand, says he has gone from being a skeptical “public school for all” proponent to St. Francis’s biggest non-Catholic cheerleader. Then there is Father Gratton, thriving here in the SFX community as he enters his third year as Parochial Vicar.

At a recent gathering of St. Francis supporters, Mike had this to say: “St. Francis is a vital piece to this community. I am convinced it is unique...I see a level of pride in these kids that I have never before observed. Even when they are in the midst of their learning, they know something good is going on.”

At that same gathering, Fr. Gratton shared his feelings about why our school is so special: “It has something to do with the students, of course; they’re just beautiful. They’re trying to be good human beings and they make you feel good when you’re around them. It has a lot to do with our teachers. They get it. They are fully into the mission and they love it. And our pastor, Monsignor Lavalley,  is one of the finest priests I have ever known. He has helped form this school into such a beautiful and healthy place.” *

Our theme for this Annual Appeal is “Strong Roots . . . a Foundation for Life.”  The children of St. Francis are encouraged to grow in academics, character, community, and faith -- roots that will help them weather the storms of life. As Megan said, she and Mike want their son to learn that “no matter how dark or difficult or sad or even impossible things seem, he will be okay -- that there is a bigger plan-- that he is loved always. That is instilled at St. Francis.” 

The Annual Appeal plays a crucial part in the school’s financial health. The money from this Appeal bridges the gap between what tuition covers and the actual cost of educating our students. This year the George W. Mergens Foundation and the Winooski Knights of Columbus have partnered to offer a wonderful challenge to you, our generous benefactors. They will match all money raised in our Annual Appeal by January 31, 2018, up to $50,000! Please take advantage of this opportunity to double your donation to Saint Francis Xavier School and thereby double the gift you give to our children.**

Help us nourish our strong roots and flourishing branches.

Michael and Megan Ohler

Co-Chair for Annual Appeal

Fr. Scott Gratton

Co-Chair for Annual Appeal

**Please remember that certain companies will match charitable contributions made by their current or retired employees. If you qualify for matching contributions, your gift will be MORE than doubled!

Watch the Ohlers' and Fr. Gratton's moving presentations to a group of SFX supporters.

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