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Mrs. Meghan Sweeney - Administrative Assistant


Meghan Sweeney takes on the role of SFX Administrative Assistant after previously serving in that role for the Burlington Fire Department for a number of years. There she was able to assist with the administrative tasks for the department while working with some of the greatest people and getting an occasional ride in a fire truck. She is certainly going to miss those friends and the firehouse meals.


Meghan is a lifelong resident of Vermont and a graduate of South Burlington High School and Champlain College. She loves to travel, having been enchanted by study abroad opportunities during high school (Germany) and college (India). Her experience in Mumbai, India, was one of her most eye-opening experiences. She was fascinated by the culture and the people. The time she spent there working with children in crisis situations (child labor, HIV babies, children rescued from human traffickers) was life-changing and the friendships she made were lifelong.  


Meghan and her husband have two children, both of whom attend SFX School. Outside of school, she loves attending concerts, saying she enjoys many different genres of music and particularly live performances. She also has a knack for winning radio contests, making it easier to attend those concerts!


As for her role as a parent and employee at SFX, Meghan says, “I can’t tell people enough how much I love this school and I hear that same thing from others in the community all the time. It’s awesome to be here as a part of it all!” 

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