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Mrs. Mary Ellen Varhue - Middle School Teacher

I have been teaching middle school science and algebra since 2003.   I attended Catholic and public schools growing up on Long Island, New York.   I earned my B. S. degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia, and after working for a variety of companies including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Maryland), Talley Defense Systems (Arizona) and IBM and CCV here in Vermont, I found my true calling here at St. Francis Xavier teaching the subjects I love.

My association with St. Francis goes back to 1995 when my own children began school here. All three are proud graduates of St. Francis Xavier, Rice Memorial High School and UVM College of Engineering. I am a teacher in no small part because I know what a special place St. Francis has been for my children.

My husband and I live in Georgia and in my spare time I am an avid reader and runner.  I am inspired by both the dedication of my colleagues and the curiosity of my students.  I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to pass on the wonders of the world around us!

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