Covid-19 Guidelines and Information

ATTENTION: Drivers, please remember to keep your cell phones on as you leave.  If your child has a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees, you will be called to return and pick up your child.

Drop Off Procedures for Preschool and PreK

Drop Off Procedures for K through 4th Grade



If you have multiple students needing to be dropped off at different entrances, drop off students in K through 8th grade at the back entrance (where the playground is) then park your car to drop off your Preschool or PreK student.  Older students will walk to their designated entrances.

Drop Off Procedures for 5th through 8th Grade

Drop Off Procedures for Inclement Weather

Proper Hand WashingTechnique

We are happy to share with you the document outlining the protocols designed to help keep our staff and students healthy when they return to school.  


We are going to offer five days of in-person instruction for this school year. At this time we will not be offering a hybrid model.  We will continue to explore our options and will update you if things change.  If the state of Vermont requires us to return to remote learning, we are prepared to do so.  We welcome any questions that you have and we also understand that additional details may need to be addressed in the coming weeks.  


We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unique times.   Please click the link below to review the document. We will be sending acknowledgment and affirmation forms for all families to sign soon.  These forms will be necessary for your student to be enrolled.  We are very excited about having students return to in-school next month.  


Re-Opening Plan 2020-2021

Helpful Links for the Upcoming School Year

cvirus buster.jpg

July 30, 2020 

In addition to creating a list of new health and safety protocols for the coming school year (temperature checks every day, health questionnaires answered every day, masks for students and staff, social distancing, etc.) Saint Francis Xavier School is also investing in additional cleaning and hygiene supplies. This week our new Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer for disinfecting areas arrived and immediately brought to mind the equipment made famous by the heroes of Ghostbusters. One thing led to another and next thing we knew Principal Eric Becker was in Virusbuster attire waging was against germs in our lobby!

Covid committee.jpg

July 27, 2020 

A special committee of Saint Francis Xavier administrators, teachers, and staff has been meeting this summer to work out the details of reopening the school to in-person learning for the upcoming school year. This dedicated group of people has done a tremendous job of balancing many factors. There is broad consensus that in-person learning is far more beneficial to students, especially younger children, than distance learning, but there is also a clear need to establish clear, thoughtful health protocols to keep students and staff as safe as possible. The new daily routine at SFX School will look different in many ways than it did pre-pandemic, but the fact that there will BE a daily routine shows the commitment, resilience, and flexibility of our community. Details of the protocols for the school year are being shared with families today and it has been made clear that the plans must necessarily remain "fluid" as recommendations from the state and federal government change to address the current COVID-19 status. We are extremely grateful to those who have worked so diligently to serve our students and we hope all our friends will offer your prayers of support and encouragement for our SFX teachers, staff, students, and families in the year ahead.

July 25, 2020 

Our full plan for the reopening of Saint Francis Xavier School for in-person learning will be released on Monday.  This plan outlines the safety steps we will take each day to keep our teachers and students healthy.  With that plan in place, we are comfortable with in-school classes occurring 5 days a week.  We know the importance of consistent, in-person education for children. 


We will  be asking students to wear masks at all age levels.  While we understand that wearing a mask all day will be complex, we know that it will help support our students’ and staff safety.  I hope you will take some time to have your students practice wearing a mask, including putting them on and taking them off.  We will not have a color or specific requirement for our masks. We want students to be as comfortable as possible and we know parents will help each child find a mask that is best suited to him or her.  We do ask, however,  that you avoid masks with words or messages written on them.  If we feel a mask is too distracting, we will provide a disposable mask in its place. Appropriate and safe “mask breaks” will be part of the day.  


We are planning to run an afterschool program.  The program will be capped at a number that will be determined once we finalize details on the best way to safely provide this service to our families.  We plan to enroll students from our younger grades first and work toward our older grades.  We understand this could create some issues if we are unable to provide care for some of our older students, but we must also adhere to state and federal safety guidelines.  More details on this will be coming in the next few days. 


We are still not sure about the ability to offer at-home learning for students who do not feel comfortable coming back.  We will be taking additional time over the next few weeks to determine if we will have the ability to offer a remote plan.  We recognize each family’s needs are unique.  I will be reaching out at a later date with more details about this. 


July 15, 2020 

The faculty and staff at Saint Francis Xavier School are hard at work this summer preparing for the opening of school. This year brings extra challenges as teachers navigate new safety requirements that will be incorporated into the classrooms. For instance, face masks are required of teachers, but educators know that students -- especially early learners and students with hearing deficits-- benefit from reading facial expressions and seeing their teachers' faces as they speak. Voila -- Pre-K teacher Ms. Micky and Principal Eric Becker model the clear face masks that our faculty will wear so they can keep others safe while also modeling appropriate speech and social behavior for their students. Nice smiles, Ms. Micky and Mr. Becker!  

July 12, 2020 

COVID-19 Planning

The Diocese of Burlington is in the final stages of completing a document that will help guide each school on how to open in the fall.  I have created a team of teachers who will help me plan how we will be moving forward.  We will first look at how we can open the school safely and allow our students to return.  Once we have a firm understanding of that part of the plan we will move to the second phase. 


In phase two we will discuss how we can support students who are not sure they are ready to come back to school.  We want to provide support and school work for students who have family situations that keep them from returning to school or for students who may have to stay home if they or a family member becomes ill during the school year.  Our goal is to support all families during these unique times. 


The final component of this will be to review our remote learning plan and see where we can make improvements in case we are asked to return to that model during the school year.   We hope to have a comprehensive document ready for early August that we will then share with all of you.  Please know this document will be fluid as the state continues to update their police and expectations based on up to date information.