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Ms. Cici Martignetti - Art and Elementary Spanish

Ms. Martignetti is a recent graduate of UVM, majoring in Art Education with a minor in Special Education.  She is also adept in Spanish, making her a great fit for two positions at SFX – school-wide art teacher and elementary Spanish teacher. Ms. Martignetti did her student teaching at Essex High School where she received glowing reviews from her lead teacher and she also taught art at the Davis Studio and at Burlington City Arts while in college. She was the recipient of the Gold Key Scholastic Art Award and her interests include, as she told us, “Any sports team! I have played soccer, basketball, track, and lacrosse!” 


Ms. Martignetti also said, “I have seen the beauty that the Catholic faith provides and how it brings love and light into many individuals’ lives by providing community, acceptance, forgiveness, and devotion. Many of those are the same traits I strive to create in a classroom when teaching.” 

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