Our Faculty and Staff

The Saint Francis Xavier faculty is a community of dedicated individuals who believe in a quality Catholic education. Our teachers expect the best from their students and help them to achieve success. Many of our teachers hold advanced degrees and come to us with a wealth of academic and real world experiences.

Rev. Msgr. Richard Lavalley

Parochial Vicar:
Rev. Scott A. Gratton

School Board:
Mr. Brian SenecalChair
Mr. Eric BeckerPrincipal
Mrs. Kim Allbee
Mr. Greg Bolger
Mr. Shawn Burke
Mrs. Jo Canney
Mr. Mike Daigle
Mrs. Martha Jansen
Mrs. Maureen Johnson
Mr. Clem Potvin

Administrative Team:
Mr. Eric Becker, Principal
Mrs. Eileen Barendse, Asst. Principal
 Director of Early Education
Administrative Assistants:
Mrs. Terry Collins, School
Ms. Diane Potvin, Parish
    Mrs. Michelle Guilmette
Pre-School Aide:
    Lauren Wolfe
    Mrs. Micky LaBonte
Pre-Kindergarten Aide:
    Mrs. Stacey Zierak
    Ms. Alex Poirier
First Grade:
    Mrs. Jessica Unrein
Second Grade:
    Ms. Susan Catozzi
Third Grade:
    Mrs. Jeanne Rousseau
Fourth Grade:
    Mrs. Diane Dufresne
Fifth Grade:
    Mrs. Stacey Brandes
    Mrs. Jackie Becker
   Mrs. Helene Guariglia
Digital Learning Specialist:
    Mrs. Kathleen Finn
Physical Education:
    Mr. James Nicholas Elderton
     Mrs. Noreen Pelchat
    Mrs. Deborah Lajoie
Middle School:
    Mr. Eric Becker
    Mrs. Helene Guariglia
    Mr. Craig Hill
    Mr. Christopher Melnyk
    Mrs. Catherine Richards
    Mrs. Mary Ellen Varhue

         Technology Coordinator:
   Mr. Christopher Melnyk   
Extension Program:
    Mrs. Nichole Kruger
    Mrs. Ann Marie Meunier, RN
Director of Development:
    Mrs. Robin McCormick
Finance Manager:
    Mrs. Laurie Rossi
Director of Marketing:
    Mrs. Becky Wetzel
    Mrs. Kathleen Finn
Library Volunteer:
    Ms. Nancy Trono
Lunchroom Staff:
    Mrs. Margaret Lewis
School Aide:
    Mrs. Bonny Picard
Custodial Staff:
    Mr. Josh Maynard
    Mrs. Bobbi-Jo Welch