Early Education Center - Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs

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Our Early Education program welcomes you to classrooms that are warm, friendly, and fun! Saint Francis Xavier School endeavors to provide a well-balanced Early Education program that addresses the needs of the whole child. We are excited to grow with your child, helping them realize their best selves.

Our day is influenced by the Responsive Classroom approach to education. Each morning starts with a morning meeting, where students greet each other, discuss the plan for the school day, and build a classroom community in a positive, safe environment. 

Throughout the rest of the day, teachers provide a variety of experiences to address the education of the whole child. Our themes and focus of learning change as the year progresses, with special attention paid to the excitement children feel during certain seasons, holidays, and topics of interest. 

We explore the many facets of literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and our Catholic faith together. Students:
      • develop a strong academic foundation in a variety of settings such as small
        group instruction, personal discovery centers, games, and activities
      • use play and hands-on experiences to build critical thinking and processing
        skills, self expression, and positive social skills
      • enhance their understanding of the world with ample time to run and discover
        outdoors at our beautiful, safe play areas and through field trips
      • live out Christian values and our Saint Francis Xavier School mission statement
        in an authentic way in service to others and by learning of God's love for us

In addition to classroom experiences, students expand their minds through: Physical Education (twice weekly), Music, Library, Art, French and Spanish.

"St. Francis Xavier is a vibrant community which, through the volunteer commitment of the parents and the extra effort by the faculty, offers so much to enhance our children's classwork. The teachers truly know and care about our children. They encourage them in their Catholic faith through their lessons, example and prayers." ~ Liz Ehlers

       Catholic*:    1 Child -  $4,750    2 Children$8,600    3+ Children - $10,950
Non Catholic**:    1 Child -  $6,000    2 Children - $10,900    3+ Children - $15,400

* Catholic is defined as a family that is registered with any Catholic Parish. 
** Non-Catholic is defined as any family of another faith or creed.
Families with more than 3 children enrolled in the same school year will pay no more than the 
applicable 3 children tuition rate for that year.  There is also a $200 Non-Refundable Registration Fee 
for new families or a $125 Non-Refundable Registration Fee for returning families
(before Feb. 3rd and $200 after Feb. 3rd).

St. Francis also offers after school care.  To learn more about our after school care, visit the Extension Program page.

Schedule your personal tour today
For more information or to schedule a tour, 
please fill out our inquiry form.

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