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Congratulations to the Saint Francis Xavier School Class of 2016!

posted Jun 14, 2016, 11:06 AM by Saint Francis Xavier School Information   [ updated Aug 23, 2016, 6:05 AM ]

Graduation took place following the 4:00 Mass on June 11 and the following students received their middle school diplomas:
Elleanor Beaulieu, Amelia Canney, Cassidy Carlson, Nicole Dirmaier, Alexandria Dostie, Brian Eustis, Jessica Eustis, Jessica Forcier, Beatrice Guariglia, Abigail Hayden, Maria Paloma Herrera, Emma Hoza-Frederick, Ryan Johnson, Kiara Keenan, Arianna Kruger, Magdalena Lelito, Alex Line, Christopher Llanos, Sean McCormick, Caleigh Monette, Jenna Reynolds, Jaydon Sartwell, Olivia Simon, Evelyn Stearns, Lisa Uwiduhaye, Lea Wetzel, Andrew Zierak, and Matthew Zuk.

The Class Valedictorian was Emma Hoza-Fredericks.

The following Scholarship Awards were presented:
The Sister Imelda Caissie Citizenship Award:Ryan Johnson
The Mother Gamelin Spirit Award: Kiki Keenan
The Mother Gamelin Leadership Award: Beatrice Guariglia and Andrew Zierak
The Roderick C. Marcotte Award: Abigail Hayden
The Ladies of St. Anne Award: Amelia Canney and Paloma Herrera
The Robin McCormick Award: Olivia Simon
The Knights of Columbus Award: Brian Eustis, Jessica Eustis, Matthew Zuk

The following Academic Awards were presented: 
Social Studies: Sean McCormick
Language Arts: Beatrice Guariglia and Emma Hoza-Fredericks
Pre-Algebra: Emma Hoza-Fredericks and Ryan Johnson
Algebra: Sean McCormick
Science: Lea Wetzel
Religion: Lea Wetzel
French: Emma Hoza Fredericks
Spanish: Lea Wetzel
Art: Lea Wetzel
Digital Learning: Emma Hoza Fredericks
Music: Nikki Kathy Dirmaier
National French Award:
Bronze: Evelyn Stearns , Silver: Amelia Canney and Beatrice Guariglia
MathCounts Count Down Round: Amelia Canney