Do you have to be Catholic to attend Saint Francis Xavier School?
Saint Francis welcomes students of any religion, race, or ethnic origin.  Please note, however, that religious instruction is part of our curriculum and we provide an educational program that promotes Christian values, academic excellence and personal responsibility. 

Is Saint Francis Xavier School accredited?
Saint Francis Xavier School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Vermont Department of Education.

What is the tuition and is tuition assistance available?
Tuition for Catholic families, registered at a Catholic parish, is $4,750 for one child, $8,600 for two children and $10,950 for three or more children.  For families of other faiths, tuition is $6,000 for one child, $10,900 for two children and $15,400 for three or more children.  Families with more than three children enrolled in the same school year will pay no more than the applicable three children tuition rate for that year. 

Our per student cost is approximately $7,000 per year, significantly more than even our highest tuition tier, which means that every child is subsidized. Fundraising makes up the difference. Tuition assistance is available for families who qualify.  The school uses the FACTS program to help determine eligibility. 

What is the dress code?
The most important reason for a dress code is equity among students. The social status of the “right” clothing is put aside, and allows the students to focus on community and academics. Secondly, it looks good. The students will look neat, professional and ready to learn.

Uniforms can be purchased through JoAnn’s Uniforms in Colchester.  Their website is www.joannsuniforms.com and the phone number is 862-0290. The uniform is a dark blue polo shirt with gold logo, khaki pants, shorts (weather dependent) and jumpers.  The physical education uniform is a navy tee shirt or the 150th anniversary shirt with navy sweatpants and shorts (weather dependent). 

What are the school hours?
Our doors open at 7:20 to accommodate early arrivals, but no supervision is provided until 7:30.  Parents of Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students must walk their student(s) to the classrooms between 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM.  Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten students end their day at 2;15 PM and Kindergarten students end their day at 2:20 PM respectively.  Grades 1 – 8 finish up at 2:40 PM. 

What is the curriculum like?
Saint Francis Xavier offers an acclaimed full-day Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten program.  The open classroom design emphasizes active exploration to build self-esteem and interest in learning.

The elementary program here is exceptional.  Students develop socially and academically in a loving and encouraging environment.  Our program is designed to support the wide range of individual learning needs.  The curriculum includes Art and Music, Computer, French and Spanish, Language Arts, Library, Math and Science, Physical Education, Religion, and Social Studies.

In addition to the courses above, middle school students are offered the following core and elective academic experiences:  Pre-Algebra and Algebra, Health, Creative Writing, Physical, Life and Earth Sciences, Digital Learning and Technology. 

Do you offer any extracurricular activities?
Yes!  We are thrilled to offer a wide variety of activities. 

  • Academic:  International Night, Science Fair, Math Counts
  • Arts:  Chorus, Music Lessons, Little Rembrandts
  • Community:  Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campus Ministry, Student Committees for Social Activities, Garden Club
  • Sports:  Cross Country, CYO Basketball for boys and girls, Girls on the Run, Baseball, and Softball 

Is after school and vacation childcare available?
After school care is available until 5:30 PM.  This is a program for which students must register and parents will incur an extra cost.  Please refer to the family handbook for more details.  Vacation care is available from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM during most vacations.  Again, pre-registration is required. 

How can parents get involved?
We love parent volunteers!  The Home & School Association is an integral part of our success.  Through community building, fundraising, and promoting volunteerism, the Home & School Association is constantly improving our already wonderful school. Check out the Home and School page for details: Home & School Association

Is transportation available?
Parents are responsible for transporting their students to and from the school.  We are conveniently located by both exits 15 and 16 in Winooski.  Many families carpool.  We are happy to help put families in touch with one another to facilitate this.

How can I get more detailed information?
Please refer to our Registration and Tuition Information packet for additional information: 2017-2018 Registration and Tuition Information

For more information or to schedule a tour, 
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